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Common mistakes by Towing Companies on roads

Aug 07 2019

Travelling leads to increased activities involving the rush and movement of vehicles in transit. Various occurrences require the services of a towing company when they happen. Untimely accidents with heavy traffic call for the assistance of towing services hence the need to ensure services are offered efficiently. Towing malfunctions from avoidable mistakes use up too

Maintain your tow truck

Aug 06 2019

A towing vehicle must be kept in an excellent shape and in good condition. Maintaining a tow truck is a bit trickier than maintaining a commuter or any other car. When it comes to maintenance, it is highly recommended to follow the user’s manual provided by the manufacturer. However, the following need to checked regularly:

Top reasons why your car won’t start

Aug 05 2019

One of the most frustrating things to anyone is the failure of the vehicle to start upon igniting. The solution might be simply to call a tow truck for assistance, but the problem could come with other consequences. It exposes you to dangerous situations if this happens in a secluded place or at night. It