Common mistakes by Towing Companies on roads

Aug 07 2019

Travelling leads to increased activities involving the rush and movement of vehicles in transit. Various occurrences require the services of a towing company when they happen. Untimely accidents with heavy traffic call for the assistance of towing services hence the need to ensure services are offered efficiently. Towing malfunctions from avoidable mistakes use up too much time and money. Towing services, therefore, get the need to ensure that each factor is put into consideration before embarking on a towing service.  Towing successfully requires more than just a capable and competent driver. Auto Towing is one company we’ve seen that makes very few mistakes, on a consistent basis.

Accident car being pulled onto a flatbed tow truck Braking System

Maintaining your braking system before a journey ensures that in the case of excessive braking, smoke does not turn into flames. Excessive speeding Mishaps are likely to occur if braking systems are not replaced regularly. Through time most drum brakes wear and tear from the much pressure exerted on them hence the need maintenance. Having separate brakes for a trailer comes a long way in ensuring the safe stopping of a vehicle. Take time and slow down before applying brakes especially in mountain areas.


The load distribution of the towing truck impacts the stability of the vehicle despite its power. Weight should always be distributed proportionally to avoid tilting of the vehicle and ultimately overturning. The balance must be considered especially for heavy vehicles or trailers. Additionally, consider passenger weight and luggage carried inside the vehicle. Overloading creates risk on the road through damage to your truck.

Safety Chains

Chains are used as an extra measure of security for the towed vehicle. Chains generally strengthen and increase the association of your tow truck and the vehicle, therefore, an extra tool. Tying the chain round the meetup point ensures the vehicle does not segregate when dragging it along the journey. Exposure to various surfaces such as rocks creates a weakness for the harness whereby the chain will ensure connectivity of the vehicles in case of malfunctions.

Insurance Cover

The safety of the towing truck must be assured against accidents. This covers the liability of the vehicle but many companies ignore this to save money. Towing companies could be lodged with complaints of damage to the vehicle during transit or even total loss, therefore, they need to be insured. Securing your car also creates a feeling of safety by the client. Insuring property assures one of the reimbursements of the property when mistakes happen. Consultation must be done within the company for this assurance.