Maintain your tow truck

Aug 06 2019

A towing vehicle must be kept in an excellent shape and in good condition. Maintaining a tow truck is a bit trickier than maintaining a commuter or any other car. When it comes to maintenance, it is highly recommended to follow the user’s manual provided by the manufacturer. However, the following need to checked regularly:


maintaining tow truck
Tow truck

In most cases, it is recommended that you use synthetic oil on your towing truck. This is because synthetic oil is a multi-purpose oil and it serves more purposes than the ordinary oil. Convectional oils are not recommended as they lead to accumulation of carbon on pistons, throttle blade as well as the combustion chamber. Thus, causing increased noise of an engine and reduced power making your driving to be more difficult.

Transmission fluid

When going for the transmission fluid, opt for the synthetic ones. They are known to have a longer structure reinforced on a chain form of molecules. Due to this structure, the fluid will not fleece. Additionally, by using the synthetic type of transmission fluid, the gear wear is significantly reduced.


To enjoy an ideal braking, make sure you adjust the back breaks constantly. Ensure that your brakes are in good condition. When it comes to safety, even a slightest worn out brakes can be hazardous. Also, when riding make sure you don’t override the brakes as this may overheat them. When riding downhill, it is important to be on low speed and avoid unnecessary use of brakes as this can also overheat them causing them to malfunction.


Due to the extra load, a towing truck may heat up. To avoid a meltdown, you need a cooling system which work optimally to achieve a safe towing. The radiator should always be fed with the right fluids and hoses checked for any leaks. The worn-out hoses should be replaced. The cooling fans and the water pump should be checked too.


A towing truck should have tires with right load rating and enough inflation. In line with this, tires which are three or more years old, should be inspected regularly for any possible signs of age-related complications.
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